Make a Bookmark to Rapidly Restart Google Chrome

By Micheal Susai
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Google Chrome, most would concur, is a memory hoard. Open a couple site tabs in Chrome and your framework backs off to a creep. The most suggested arrangement is that you uninstall the trivial Chrome additional items and restart your program to discharge some Slam.

Instructions to make a bookmark for Google Chrome that will help you rapidly restart your Chrome program and free up framework Smash

How would you restart Chrome? Close the program and double tap the application symbol on the desktop to dispatch it once more. That is the standard way however Chrome additionally offers an exceptional URL that makes it simple to restart Chrome from the address bar.

Go to the program address bar, sort chrome://restart and hit the Enter key. Voila! The program restarts itself.

Bookmark to Restart Google Chrome

Make a Chrome Restart Bookmark

On the off chance that you restart Chrome oftentimes, it might be a smart thought to make a bookmark that will help you restart with a tick. Here's the way.

Press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Cmd+D (Macintosh) to bookmark this page in your program. Presently tap the Alter catch on the bookmark screen, put chrome://restart in the URL input field and snap spare to make the restart bookmark.

That is it. Sort chrome://chrome-urls in your program deliver bar to see other inside pages of Chrome that can be gotten to by means of uncommon URLs.


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